Art Parquet design and production


„Vielaris” company designs and manufactures antique art parquet.

Most of our wood panels are made from engineered wood, all details are connected and glued inside the press. We are using more than twenty types of wood.                                

Traditional art parquet can by made of simple geometrical patterns using one or more types of wood. When texture of the wood is chosen carefully, parquet patterns can be seen even when using one type of wood.

Parquet patterns are diverse - they differ from simplest to sofisticated. Most sofisticated patterns are made by connecting curvilinear details. The unique aspect of our parquet panels is that all details independently from their difficulty are connected across the whole panel ply (15-20mm.). This traditional process of manufacturing garantees durability:


    good side of panel                                      bad side of Vielaris panel               bad side of competitors panel


We produce two layer panels for the parquet over underfloor heating, the details of which are also connected across the whole panel ply.

Parquet panels we produce are ready for installation. They can be varnished or oiled, also toned with the preferred colour or aged, using various methods of artificial aging.



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