Restoration of Parquet


 Vielaris made a lot of parquet restauration work.

One of the most interesting parquet was found in Paežeriai manor house in Vilkaviškis region (Lithuania). Manor house, which is built in early classicism style was designed by architect Martynas Knafkusas, who lived here after the revolt of 1794. This parquet was an exact copy of parquet found at Ostankino Palace (Moscow, Russia), only adjusted for Paežeriai manor house hall size. Unfortunately after WW2 almost the whole parquet was destroyed, therefore only small part of it was restored, the other part was newly reconstructed.
Our last project was the restoration of Burbiškis manor house in Anyksčiai region. Manor house was built in 1853, only small part of parqet flooring was remaining and properly restored. The rest of the parquet was reconstructed according that period of time.
Sadly, in the most manor houses the parquets didn‘t survive, therefore we try reconstruct them if only the smalest fragment can be found. Excellent examples of this kind of reconstruction can be found in the Finnish Embassy in Vilnius, Embassy of Belarus, also Biržuvėnai manor house in Telšiai region and etc.
If there is no remaining fragments or photos, we reconstruct the parquet, based on appropriate time period and style of the builing.
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